MTPass codes

To learn more about MTPass codes and how to use them: consult the Motion-Twin help site

Buying codes on

What's so special about MTPass codes?

Buying MTPass codes allows you to use them on the Motion-Twin site of your choice, or to give them away easily to friends and clanmates.

Above all, it's cheaper and much easier than buying codes over the phone

How do I buy some?

Buying MTPass codes is very simple: you choose the quantity required (from as few as 10 MTPass codes) then you can use your credit/debit card or Paypal to pay for them.

You'll get your codes immediately after payment and they can be used straight away.

You can consult the list of codes you have purchased on at any time

Can I know if a code has already been used?

By logging in to, you can review your previous orders, check your codes and see which ones have been used.

When an MTPass has been used, you'll not only be able to see which site it was used on, but also the nickname of the player who used it.

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